Air Roasted Coffee. For a Smooth, Low-Acid Flavor.

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Let’s be honest, good coffee isn’t hard to find. At every corner in Nashville, you’ll find a coffee shop with good food, warm atmosphere and see a familiar face or two……But is that all you want?

At Legacy Coffee Co., we air roast our coffee. The beans are poured into a large steel funnel where they dance on a bed of hot air. It’s like giant air popcorn popper.

The result - a smooth, low acidic coffee like you’ve never tasted before! You can learn more about our process here.

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And then there’s the options - oh so many options! For example we've got an Amaretto Sour where we take our single origin Ethiopia Guji, and mix it with cane sugar, almond syrup, rosemary, seltzer and lemon juice to get a refreshingly flavorful beverage!

Another one we are thrilled to serve is our Blackberry Rose Espresso Tonic. Blackberry puree with rose syrup, single origin espresso, a hint of lime and a little bit of club soda!

Just some things that you're not going to expect walking into a coffee shop!


Community First


For every pound of coffee we sell, we contribute a dollar towards the charitable organizations we partner with.

Additionally, we are proud to offer a 10% discount on beverages for all ACTIVE and RETIRED:

  • Military

  • Teachers (home-school included)

  • First Responders

Additional discounts include:

** 50% off beverages for service persons in uniform **

** FREE 12oz  COFFEE for service persons in uniform **

It’s our humble way of saying thank you to those who make this world a little better every day.